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Using SHFileOperation to copy files in Delphi. 

This code demonstrates how to use SHFileOperation to copy a file, as seen in Windows Explorer. SHFileOperation provides the same functionality as the copy, cut, delete and rename capabilities of Windows Explorer, and more importantly enables the user to undo any of these operations across the Windows '95 environment.


  Windows, SysUtils, ShellAPI, FileCtrl;

procedure SHCopyFile(hWndOwner: HWND; const SourceFile, TargetFile: string);
var Info: TSHFileOpStruct;
    Aborted : Bool;
  Aborted := False;
  with Info do
    Wnd := hWndOwner;
    wFunc := FO_COPY;

{ From Microsoft's Help:
  wFunc = Operation to perform. This member can be one of the following values:
  FO_COPY Copies the files specified by pFrom to the location specified by pTo.
  FO_DELETE Deletes the files specified by pFrom (pTo is ignored).
  FO_MOVE Moves the files specified by pFrom to the location specified by pTo.
  FO_RENAME Renames the files specified by pFrom. }

    pFrom := pChar(SourceFile);
    pTo := pChar(TargetFile);
    fFlags := 0;
    fAnyOperationsAborted := Aborted;
    if Aborted then; { enact upon any user cancellations }

hWndOwner can be Application.Handle, the Form's handle or the result of GetDeskTopWindow.

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